RII30815 Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations

Why Diggerman Training?

Our point of difference here at Diggerman Training is that we are also a large earthmoving company, which operates all over Queensland. This means that we know the industry well and are in touch with its needs within operators. Our extremely experienced trainers who have worked in the industry for many years will use this knowledge to train you to the highest standard.

Is the Training Flexible?

The whole course is designed to be flexible and as painless as possible for all.
Training can often be arranged at short notice to suit wet or down days.
Training can be carried out on Saturdays to lessen the impact on the workplace.


  • Initial training two or three days at our training rooms.
  • Beyond that, the bulk of training done in your own workplace while doing normal work under normal supervision.
  • RTO Trainer/Assessors available to offer guidance and/or training.
  • RTO Trainer/Assessor to visit trainee’s workplace at least once a month to assess & re-issue new Learner Guides.
  • RPL is a major component of the training/assessing of experienced operators.
  • We upgrade old OHSCER licences to the new RIIMPO competencies.
  • Training delivery as flexible as possible as our “Diggerman association” allows us to be fully aware of the needs of civil construction operations.



Call us today for the cost of this program (07) 5351 1811.

What about People with a lot of Experience?

For the more experienced operators we would like them to attend our training rooms for at least one day, perhaps two if Plant operating courses are required.

The majority of the course takes place at the workplace with the trainee’s own supervision doing the training during normal work but covering the requirements as designated within the Learner Guide for each unit of competency.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) can be a major means of completing the course or at the least “fast tracking” the training as the majority the material covered is common to normal plant operations. RPL of old OHSCER Licences with a “Gap” assessment helps ensure latest OHS requirements covered.

If required we can also carry out specific equipment training such as a roller at our training grounds if required but this would need more time away from their work. However, the advantage being that the training would be completed within a very short time.

How often will the Trainer come out to Site?

Our Trainer/Assessors will be available at least once a month to visit the trainee at their workplace for perhaps an hour or so to complete the written assessment/s for the Core or Elective units or for practical assessment of earthmoving equipment.

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